Shock Value
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Shock Value
#RP models, real or IG based, lol. Make an appointment to be considered for D.S.’s (@irarely_gram) video!

Peace to Chuck D✊ #FightThePower (at Do The Right Thing)

28th June, Saturday (8:06pm) Reblog ↬
Always & Forever. #RIPMJ

To kick end off the bday, but celebrating all month…Backstreet’s back! #TeamAJ (at Nikon at Jones Beach Theater)

22nd June, Sunday (11:33pm) Reblog ↬
This guy tried telling me that he’s a film maker…I don’t believe him. (at 40 Acres and a Mule)
The music NEVER stops. I am featured on D.S.’s mixtape #FirstTake! Coming soon #AWYC! #RestlessVisionaries
Happy 80th birthday to my most favorite person in the world! Love!

5x Grammy winner right here. A true class act! (at B.B. King Blues Club)

14th June, Saturday (10:11pm) Reblog ↬
Finally got my #1 album grail! Michael Jackson’s Thriller! #OriginalFrom1982 #KingOfPop #8Grammys
We had to take Year Book pictures.
Flashback shoot with @_kestevez #RestlessVisionaries
Who is it?! #MJ #KingOfPop  (at Milk River)
I was envious when I found this in Marcel’s room! She lived right up the street in ATL. Truly a creative force! #TheLegacyContinues #RIPLeftEyey

Here at DTF Radio. Getting my record spun!! #RestlessVisionaries

14th April, Monday (8:04pm) Reblog ↬
Band @ Seventeen.
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